Tengbom is looking for a Creative Manager between Karlstad and Malmö

Do you aspire to take charge and drive architectural innovation? We’re looking for someone with the knowledge, the experience, the contacts, and the clear passion to develop all aspects of our architecture, from the processes to the people involved.

Welcome to Tengbom

We pride ourselves on having a multidisciplinary team of over 400 individuals with a wide range of skills and expertise. We have been creating long-term sustainable solutions since 1906. Through architecture, we help our clients push boundaries and make the world a better place. Collaborative expertise is our foundation – the more perspectives, the better the architecture.

Our key to success is finding individuals who are curious about the world around them and have a genuine passion for architecture and community development. Individuals who look for concrete answers to big questions: What is actually required of us to create the quality that we know is possible? What makes a project sustainable, not just environmentally and socially, but also financially? And how can we use technology to achieve better results, to make more time for creativity, and to gain a competitive edge against new players?

About you and the position As a creative manager, you will be an ambassador and spokesperson for Tengbom’s architecture and creative quality. You will work closely with managers, lead architects, and lead designers, as well as work as a coordinator, mentor, and advisor regarding architecture, creative processes and skill development across all areas of our business. You will spearhead architectural innovation in a way that constantly elevates us as a firm. At Tengbom, you will become one of our four creative managers. Together you will work as a team to synchronize and develop our architectural processes and quality.

Your job will cover a wide geographical area, from Malmö to Karlstad. A lot of the work can be done remotely, but you will be required to travel to the various offices. There will also be enough flexibility within the position for you to help define and shape your role, so you will need to be someone who not only identifies opportunities for development, but also enjoys tackling them. You will need to be able to lead and inspire in a remote setting and to possess effective teaching skills. Quality architecture is your passion, and you believe that there is just as much value in collaboration as in an individual’s specific talents.

We believe that you are or have been connected to an architecture program in one of our business areas. You will report to our Director of Operations in Sweden, Linda Camara.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has a higher education degree in architecture (in one of the disciplines)
  • Has at least 15 years of experience as an architect, of which at least 10 years has been within design management with high architectural quality.
  • Has an established network and solid relationships within the industry.
  • Has strong leadership skills, is values-driven, and leads by example.
  • Has an approach that fosters effective learning, communication, coaching and advising.
  • Is socially competent and can build long-term relationships
  • Is technologically proficient and curious to learn more
  • Prioritizes sustainability in everything they do
  • Is passionate about architecture and community development
  • Wants to be a part of Tengbom and help us grow

About you and the position 

We have learned a lot during the pandemic, especially how to capitalize on all of our firm’s collective strengths and how to collaborate remotely. Thanks to that, applicants can live around any of our offices between Karlstad and Malmö. There is also the possibility of travel to our other offices. Depending on needs, you will commute and build up a network throughout the entire region. However, the most important thing is who you are, what you can do, and what you want to achieve together with us. Please indicate where you live in your application, and we will go from there.

We would like your CV, Portfolio and Personal Letter with a motivation why you are suitable for this position, no later then 12 dec.